Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Recently I was asked to be a judge, alongside Michael Payne (of HGTV’s Designing For The Sexes) for a the design event “Serving Up Style” here in Portland.  In this competition designers are given a blank space to convert into dining room. It is annually sponsored by Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus and raises a great amount of money for the charity. Portland’s best designers pull out all the stops to create dramatic spaces and this year’s winner of the Creativity Award was Jason Ball Interiors for his room entitled Metamorphosis: Raw to Refined. I was reminded by his room of how wood, since the beginning of time, has always played an integral part of design. His room featured wood in various applications. The two things that struck me the most were a turned piece that seemed to magically grow out of a tree and a section of a tree was replaced with a glass portion that was a lamp…genius!

Metamorphosis: Raw to Refined
by Jason Ball Interiors

Notice the turning in the wood

A section of the tree was removed for the lamp

After seeing this room I immediately began noticing how wood is being used in innovative ways and how objects that are not even wood being made to appear as wood. I have gathered a few great examples of wood being used in innovative ways and some objects that although not wood, are made to look as such. ENJOY!
Log Chop Bench from Every Day Design
Low Rider Lounge Chair with Legs by Snug
Sycamore arch bench by Adrian Swinstead
Cast Branch Leg and Slab Dining from BlankBlank

Sofa Table Slab with Branch Base from Woodland Creek Furniture
Lit Stools and Tables from Gruppo Avanzini

Progression Table/Sculpture by Michael Roopenian
Alder Cubes by Brent Comber

Tree Book Shelf Model 1 by Oliver Dolle

River Mirror by Caryn Moberly

Branch Lamp by Didier Chaudanson
newGROWTH 3 from CP Lighting

Sedum Sink from Grinera

Glass and Wood Bath Designed By Marcus Farner

Wood Vase by Brian Adams

Engrain tactile keys by Michael Roopenian

For more information on any of the shown above items, please contact me at:

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